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MONAIR is one of our favourite European brands, it’s the perfect ready-to-wear fashion label with a strong sense of style and quality. Monari is a German based brand and was found in 1986 by Renate and Bernhard Bosch after being inspired by a summer in Tuscany. Monari’s core value is more than just another fashion label, it is an attitude which they create for their customers. Their collections are smart, casual, glamorous with a focus on high quality.

What we love about Monari’s is their strong sense of who they are designing for and what their main objective is and that’s to make the wearer of Monari feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin. “The woman who wears monari enjoys her life, likes to go out, loves to travel and has an urban, contemporary, smart and elegant style. She is open to trends and sometimes courageous, but always remains true to herself, our label and their values.” -Monari