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Toffee Lurex Sweater

Toffee Lurex Sweater

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  • Fabric Composition: 39% cotton; 29% viscose; 25% polyester; 7% metallised polyester.
  • Shimmering Elegance: This top enchants with its subtle glitter, courtesy of metallised polyester threads woven through the fabric for a gentle sparkle.
  • Boat Neck Design: The elegant boat neck cut offers a flattering neckline, perfect for showcasing jewelry or accentuating the collarbone.
  • Pleated Charm: Stylishly laid pleats adorn the front, adding texture and a touch of sophistication to the top's design.
  • Comfortable Blend: The combination of cotton, viscose, and polyester ensures both comfort and durability, making this top a versatile choice for various occasions.
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